End of webhosting services.

As of the 1st April 2018, Lightning-Bolt will no longer be offering web-hosting services such as our WordPress hosting or Plesk based hosting. This is due to a number of factors including lowering demand for hosting, Lack of time to offer the required support and increase in costs.
Lightning-Bolt will be focusing on other projects.

We are not able to maintain stable and fault-free services with the resources we have so we have made the hard decision to end the hosting and recommend clients move to a larger host with the systems, support and income to give the support needed.

What does this mean if I have a site hosted by you?

This will mean that you will need to find a new web host to host your site before the 1st April.
On 1st April all sites currently on our server will be removed and will be lost.

Before this time you can download a copy of your site from the Plesk control panel at https://server16.lightning-bolt.net:8443

If you can not remember the login details you can try the forgotten password link or email info@lightning-bolt.net for help logging in.

What if you have a domain registered by us?

If we register and control your domain name you will need to register your own 123-reg.co.uk account at www.123-reg.co.uk and email your new username to info@lightning-bolt.net to request the domain be transferred. Once this is done you will have full control of the domain name and will be responsible for its management and renewals.

Can you recommend some web hosts?

We can not personally recommend web hosts as we do not use any. But below is a list of options.

What if iIdo not transfer my website.

If you do not transfer your website and domain to another host it will stop working when we end the hosting service. This will result in anything hosted by us not working including website and email.

I didn’t Transfer my website before the deadline can it still be recovered?

If you didn’t transfer before the deadline the website will of been deleted from our server. We will hold raw backup files for 90 days after April 1st in our backups that can be recovered for an admin fee of £50 but we can do nothing more than send you the link to download the backup We can’t help you move it to another host.